Heidegg Castle

The castle with the perfect rose garden.

The castle overlooks a vineyard and has a commanding view over the Baldeggersee and the alps. At first it doesn't really appear to be a very special castle, but when you enter the grounds you begin the realize there is much more than just a Museum to visit.

Tucked behind the castle is a small passageway that leads to a wonderful rose garden. Open from April till October the garden is the most beautiful retreat, that commands a view over the vineyards below. When the roses are in full bloom the colors and perfumes that surround only help to make the place a small paradise.
The best time to visit is in June when all the flower are in bloom.*

Getting to the castle is worth the trouble since it's not close to any of the highways. There's plenty of parking and if you visit during the week you have the place all to yourself.

*P.S. I was very lucky to have of the most beautiful days to take pictures of the garden, all the roses and flowers were in full bloom.

Short history

The castles recorded history begins around 1185 with Heinrich von Heidegg. The castle has passed through many hands including an American (Caroline Slidell) who bought the place in 1875. It was than modernized by the canton of Lucerne. A complete renovation was done by the canton of Lucerne that ended in 1998. Since than the the castle is rented out for events and exhibitions.

The rose garden has it's own story, begining some 300 years ago. Some of the roses are very rare and can only be found here at the castle.


Castle Museum
Open to the public
Open 1st April to the 31st October
Open on Holidays
Closed on Mondays

Entrence Fee
For museum only

Shop and WC

Castle rose garden
Open to the public
CHF 2.– donation box

Outdoor Parking available

Heidegg Castle
Heidegg 1
6284 Gelfingen

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