A Playground for the next generation.

Nestled on a perch above Uster, the castles tower oversees the Greifensee, the town and the alps. From a historical aspect Uster castle doesn't have any major importance and can't compete with other larger or more historical castles. The access to the castles interior is also limited, you have to contact the city to arrange a guided tour, or visit on Sundays during the visiting hours. I was very lucky when I went for my visit, the castle ground keeper happened to there and after a short conversation I was able visit the castle interior as a special guest. So off I went and climbed the spiral stairs to the top. The 360° view was amazing, from downtown Uster all the way to the alps.

Hogwarts Castle but not for magicians.
This castle is a school, but it's not Hogwarts school for magic. However I could imagine that many of the kids learning at this converted space are now the lucky kids that got to go to a castle for their education. This came about because the building that surrounds the castle walls – having been build much later – have now been converted into a school. This addition doesn't have much to do with the castle itself but is now an integrated addition.

At time I visited there was some work on the castle grounds which did have an influence on the beauty of the location. Added to this my spontaneous visit meant I couldn't open all the windows, so the pictures from the interior aren't nearly as nice as they could be.

My suggestion is if you want to visit Uster, the caslte has a wonderful restaurant right next to it with a terrace facing the alps. This might be the ideal place to stop for a break if you happen to be in the area.


Short history

Uster Castle (Swiss German: Schloss Uster also referred to Burg Uster) is a hill castle which was built probably around 1200 AD by the House of Rapperswil in the Swiss municipality of Uster in the Canton of Zürich. Since 1995 it houses a boarding school.

It is uncertain who built the tower of Uster around 1200 AD, or maybe much earlier, but it's secured that the House of Rapperswil had the right of patronage of Uster church since about 1099 AD, as well as lands in the present locality of Oberuster. Some historians suggest a fief of the St. Gallen abbey to the lords of Winterthur after disputes in 1027 AD; the feud later may belonged to the Kyburg family, and not, as much of the surrounding area, to the House of Rapperswil.

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Is not open to the general public durning the week.
You can however visit the castle by making an appointment.

Visiting Sundays
July to the end of October,
on Sundays from 2 to 5 pm

Outdoor parking available at the Restaurant and on the road leading up to the castle.

Schlossweg 1
8610 Uster

044 944 72 35

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Castle gallery

Castle interior