A very private castle

I discovered this castle on one of my trips through the region. This castle is very private and not just privately owned. The access to the small island is over a wooden bridge that has a very large gate, preventing any unwanted visitors to the island. The only path around the island that could provide a view is often blocked by the thick vegetation around the island. So unless you have a drone there isn’t much chance of seeing the castle up close. However since is located in such a beautiful place the castle does attract attention.



Short history

The small lake of Mauensee served as a border between feudal Lordship of Büron and Ruswil that bordered to the district of Sursee. Defenses built on the island date back to the 11th century and exchanged hands many times over the centuries as well as being abandoned or rebuilt. The building at present is of modest construction of three floors. The chapel, walls and towers are all gone. The remaining building resembles more a French villa in the Baroque style. At the moment it belongs to the family Eggstein von Zofingen.


Is not open to the general public.

Outdoor parking available

No Website



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